Cliveden House

Cliveden House in Buckinghamshire occupies a splendid position on high ground looking over the Thames Valley with spectacular views of the Thames across the manicured lawns and formal gardens.

Previously the home of the Astor family it became notorious in the 1960’s as the location for the antics which lead to the Profumo scandal. This wonderful neoclassical house is now owned by the National Trust and operated as a top quality hotel.

PAYE is the main contractor for restoration works to the grade 1 listed terrace at the rear of the house which was in a poor state after several hundred years of use. They commissioned me to make a life size 75 metre long photograph of the terrace walls before work began, to be printed on a scaffold hoarding to conceal the  work going on behind (see also my Photogrammetry section). My work for PAYE also includes recording the restoration work carried out by their craftsmen as the project progresses.

The National Trust decided to turn what could have been a disadvantage for visitors into an attraction and installed an 8 metre high slide at one end of the scaffolding for children and adults to enjoy as the work proceeds behind the hoarding.

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